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About RP Metrix

RP Metrix was originally formed in 2004 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Since 2018, the company has been located in South East Pennsylvania, USA.

The initial purpose was to commercialize a three microdrive neural recording system for use with minimally restrained awake animals. This product was a lightweight three microdrive headstage for recording from the olfactory bulb in an awake mouse. This technology permitted the animal to interact with its environment while fully conscious and moving about.

Although the three motor system has been discontinued, it did spawn other products.

The Single Motor Drive provides an even lighter ~1.5 gram device appropriate for smaller animal subjects. RP Metrix provides low cost kits which permit investigators to build their own microdrive headstages. Also provided are motor controllers and software to position electrodes with the microdrive, and buffers, preamps and adapters to access the electrode signals on the headstage.

The LASOM2 Scalable Olfactometer provides support electronics for the construction of a multiple channel olfactometer. An olfactometer delivers one or more odorized gases to an experiment from a large pallette of odors. RP Metrix provides control electronics to manage the gas flow rates, select and activate the gas select valves, and interact with the experiment with a high degree of temporal precision.