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Motor Controller Adapters

The MC2 Motor Controller connects to a standard 8-wire RJ-45 terminated Ethernet-like cable. A Motor Controller Adapter at minimum provides connection points for the motor drive signals in this cable.

The MC2 A2 Adapter brings each cable signal to 0.100 inch pin spacing headers, organized by function. Mounting holes are provided for secure tie down of this small uncovered PCB.

The MC2 A3 Adapter provides a more comprehensive set of connection points, not just for the MC2, but also electrode signals, preamp power, and stimulus circuits. These are all routed to a 15-pin commutator connector. LEDs on the motor controller RJ-45 connector indicate power and motor activity.

The MC2 blanking signal is used to operate relays inside the MC2 A3. The relays disconnect the MC2 motor signals and ground from the commutator (and tether) when the motor is inactive.

MC2 A2 Adapter PhotoMC2 A3 Adapter Front PhotoMC2 A3 Adapter Back Photo